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We deliver backup and replication of your environment to secure up-time also/even during a breakdown.

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Do not compromise with your backup

As the number of virtual environments increase at an impressive speed - and the window for when backups can be run continues to decrease - a fast, simple and painless back-up and restore is essential.

Currently, backups are inflexible and crashes often result in restoration times that are far too long.

At the same time, IT departments do not have the option of giving the users temporary access to alternative servers during a crash - which often leads to rapidly estabilished disaster hardware purchased in a panic, based on whatever is available.

ReVirt solves those challenges!

ReVirt allows you to launch all your Virtual Machines (VMs) hosted by us, directly from your already existing infrastructure*.

If your VMs AND your infrastructure both require restoration, you can start a backup of the VMs in less than an hour - and directly from ReVirt's virtual environment. This offers brand new possibilities for instantly creating a disaster recovery site to enable all users to get back on track - while you work on a new infrastructure in peace. Once the infrastructure has been restablished, you are able to transfer (and without any downtime), the already started backup VMs to your environment.

We call it ReVirt: Reverse Virtual.

In other words: ReVirt ensures that you always have TWO locations for your entire VM environment - ready for use. This means that you no longer expose your company critical VMs to risks, just beacuse your software can’t go the distance.

The use of Veeam Backup & Replication helps you meet tight RPOs and RTOs concurrently and ensures that you deliver much more uptime for users in emergency situations than has ever been possible up untill now.

With ReVirt, you only pay for what you use and you subscribe on a monthly basis without fixation.

*Requires high-speed internet connection.

Customer references

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Support & Counselling

ReVirt offers full support of both software and hardware.

You are able to book a support advisor here, if you requier support or advice on how ReVirt can help you.

Casual Meeting

To find out more about ReVirt and hear about the many possibilities and benefits you can get, please book a meeting with one of our consultants here.

Environment test

We will test your existing virtual environment and see which areas you need to strengthen and which you can ease up on.

Naturally this is completely free of charge.

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Guaranteed quality

ReVirt is hosted by, who is an ISO certified hosting provider. This means that you - as our customer - are guaranteed absolute security and the best solutions.

We have been through a certification process to obtain the hosting quality stamp from BFIH - the Danish association for IT hosting companies. We have to get re-certified once per year to constantly maintain the high quality required for being part of the absolute elite of hosted IT solutions.


As a certified member of BFIH, is subject to strict controls and high security requirements, in accordance with ISAE 3402 and ISO 27002. This means that services are ensured, agreements are transparent, finances are robust, coverage is ensured as well as a contribution made to Danish IT security.

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